Sunday, August 21, 2016

Finally a day that was less than blazingly hot...

These last few weeks have been hot and humid. I do not do well in too much heat, so we have been hiding in the cool safety of the air-conditioning :)

This weekend luck was with us though and the heat and humidity broke and gave us a couple of days with 70 degree weather. So I packed the dogs off to the park for a good romp today.

Here are the resulting pictures...
Best girl!

Fast dog is fast!
Fast dog would also like you to know that he is handsome!
So very, very...
...very handsome!

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Basenji Club Picnic 2016

Last week was the annual picnic for our local Basenji Club. We got together with the dogs and had good food and lure coursing.

Menchi comes along every year now she is an honorary basenji! She certainly is most excited when she hears the lure going. She was so crazy before she got her first run she managed to pull me right of my feet at one point. I actually ended up face-planting in the dirt O.O

I forgave her once I got my breath back and she got to go on her run...after she was much more relaxed and easier to get along with.

I got more photos of the Watson for once and only one of the little Miss.

After her run she was a much calmer dog...
Watson making sure that I get his good side.
Behold my handsome!
He spend a lot of time watching all the things going on.

Monday, July 18, 2016

Play date for the Curly Tails

Today the Curly Tails had a play date. They got to go over to their friend Indy's house and play in his backyard that has been newly fenced in recently.

They also got to play with his toys and Indy's mom was nice enough to give everyone a treat :)

I got a couple of photos...but most of the time the play was too fast for the camera to capture.

They had a good we will be having more play dates in the future. Now it's nap time all around!

A setter fly by!
Perimeter patrol!
Watching the boys...looking for an angle of attack.
Happy Dog
Still happy dog...
This is from last weekned. Menchi has a selection of dog beds to choose from.
This is how a Watson naps!

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Chicago Meetup 2016

This weekend we packed the Curly Tails in the car and headed to Chicago to meet up with other dog folk that I have been privileged to associate with via the internet :)

We met for breakfast with everyone on Saturday and then headed out to the dog park. It was ungodly hot... which unfortunately made me ill after only about an hour and a half of hanging out and we had to head back to the hotel where I spend the time recovering from the heat for the rest of the afternoon.

Luckily some of us got to visit the dog park again the next morning when the weather was a lot less sweltering and we took a nice jaunt around the park with our dogs :)

While in Chicago, Sabe and I went and tried a restaurant close to our hotel and were happily surprised by some really delicious tacos and tamales there :)

I tried to take lots of pictures...

Happy Hippo!
Her love of mud is undiminished...
Mud, sweet, sweet mud!

Didgie just wanted people to throw all the things!
It was hot enough that even the basenji melted...

When it's hot you gotta frog pose...
Too hot to open eyes...all...the...way...

When we went back to the park Sunday it was cool enough to play.

A noble beast!
He says he can do the noble beast thing too!
Chase the basenji...
I like taking pictures of things that are not dogs sometimes...
I really like this one.

Cute mini bull terrier that was at the park.
The great white Squash!
Traveler and his tennis ball...
Hiccup just kept swimming...
Crossbone the Cattle Pirate!

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Picture Time: The at the Dog Park with Friends Edition

Today we decided to take advantage of the nice weather and met up with some friends from the Kennel Club at one of our favorite Dog Parks. The Curly Tails had a blast, and I think Watson has a new girlfriend ;)

It was his first meeting of Zoe the Corgi and they really clicked. Zoe is a flirt though so she has another boyfriend or two on the side :D

The cast of characters for today's outing:

The Zoe!

A sweet, and incredibly fun little dog that belongs to a dear friend of ours. We met through one of the classes I taught at the club and Zoe and her human have been my buds ever since.

Indiana Jones!

Also affectionately known as Indy, this beautiful English Setter boy is another puppy I was privileged to have in my puppy classes. He also has awesome owners that I am glad to call my friends.

The Curly Tails!

These two do not need an guys know them well :)

As usual Menchi is running down a Watson!

The festivities...

A meeting of the minds...

Basenji will run!

Sometimes your legs are too short and stubby to save you!
Shar Pei in mid-gallop

He is a majestic beast!
Zoe is a little Tart...she was flirting with Watson a few moments earlier...