Friday, June 15, 2018

Summer Shenanigans

Summer was slow in coming, but it seems to have finally arrived. Things have been quiet here. Just life as usual. Menchi just had her 7th birthday. So today I dragged the camera out into the yard with us for some play time.

Play faces!

Interpretive dog dance!



She found him...

More dancing...

Play break...everyone looks in different directions disinterestedly.

Then it's back to this...

Hunting her brother around the peony bush...
She found him again!

Coming in for a snuggle!

He likes to awkwardly stand around.

Monday, January 29, 2018

First Post of 2018

It has been a while since the Curly Tails have made a appearance :) Mostly because first Menchi was ill for a while and we spend several weeks figuring out what was going on and then getting her all better.

It turns out that she had a reaction to a medication she was on and once we took her off she quickly returned to her joyful self.

Then it was my turn to have health problems. There were emergency room visits, specialist, and physical therapy. Things are better, but I am still doing the PT thing and if it becomes necessary I might have to have back surgery.

At least I am well enough these days to function and do most things I enjoy including taking pictures of the dogs. So here are a couple of recent ones.

First warmer and sunny day in a while...

They love that they can be out in our back yard now that the fence is complete...

She is playing guard dog... he is mostly just nosy!

Menchi in the snow...Watson was hovering by the gate begging to go in cause too cold!

Even when blowing her coat she is majestic!

This is how you spend winter, says Watson!

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Fun in the backyard...

So there has been a momentous development here at Casa de Curly Tails! We finally managed to finish the fencing around our back yard. When we moved into this house almost 8 years ago the yard was partially fenced...three sides of the property had fencing. This summer we were finally able to get to that part of the things to do to the house list and add that last bit of fencing.

The dogs at first did not quite know what to do with themselves...but they are getting the idea now that the get to have a bit more freedom when they are out there with us :) I am still too much of a mother hen to ever leave them out there unattended...but that's okay since I enjoy hanging out there watching them or having them out there when I do yard work.

The elusive Watson shrub.

That is the face she makes before she ambushes her brother.

A rare shar pei flower.

The patrol

Meeting of the minds

I have to wonder what they are discussing...

Most handsome!

An even better angle!

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Basenji Club Picnic 2017

Today was a pretty much perfect day for a picnic. It was sunny but not to hot to be out. So it was a good timing that the BCOSW picnic was today :)

As usual there was great food, good company, lots of adorable basenjis, and of course lure coursing!

There was also a club meeting...and some new club members. More importantly there is a new BCOSW website! It's pretty nice. You can check it out here.

I did not take too many photos at the picnic today...too busy eating, hanging out, and running the dogs ;) I did get a few though.

The honorary basenji 

Majestic mug

Luke and his Mama Ellie. You may remember Luke as Tocin from an earlier post.

Luke watching some coursing and waiting his turn.

This is Alden and his owner Alex. They were so cute together I snapped a few pics.

So cute!

Watson had some opinions!

That face...

He's cuter when he keeps his opinions to himself.

Alex and Alden again.

Lisa with Luke and Ellie

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Dog Parking with the Curly Tails

Spend my Sunday evening with the Curly Tails at the park. It was very nice out with an abundance of lovely golden light.

The Shar Pei stalking the great Basenji in the deep grasses.

Dogs in the golden evening light.

Oh hi...are you still here...

More stalking...

Derpy play face.

Different goofy face.

Rawr! Menchi catches up with her prey at last.

My heart!

Happy face!

Is it possible to have two hearts? If not what major organ could he be?

He is what you might call devilishly handsome!

You guys coming, or what?

Master of all he surveys!

I think I see something...

It emerges from the grass...