Monday, February 6, 2017

Oxy and Tosin

Visited the basenji pups again today. They are so sweet! Here are a few pictures :)

You stick your foot in my mouth and I am gonna bite it!



Woobleboards are no big deal!


Mom is visiting!

What a sweet boy!

That little stretched out paw just kills me...

Look how perfect she is!

Monday, January 30, 2017

Basenji babies after all :)

So while Watson's breeder Laurel basenji did not bless us with a charming litter of basenjis this winter someone else in the club had a litter of two of the most adorable little basenjis. I was lucky enough to get to visit this pair last week and today. I got a few pictures to share with everyone, because puppies are good for the soul! I think we could all use something to soothe our souls these days...

The little ones are currently called Oxy and Tosin :) Oxy is the little brindle girl, and Tosin is the red and white gentleman.

Flirt poles are fun


Brothers are the best pillows!

Sweet little guy

Toes are interesting...


Just look at those little faces!!!

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

A Great Dane Christmas

Went to visit Joan, Jubilee, and the pups today. Out of the eleven there are 6 left, 5 have gone to their new homes.

Since there were less puppies and therefore a little less chaos we decided to get a few Christmas themed pics.

Appreciate these photos...

It took the work of three people...

The sacrifice of a few toys... 

Joan making the oddest noises...

And a lot of laughter...

To take these!

You may ask how hard can it be to take a picture of a puppy in a basket?

We answered that question...

The answer is that it's far harder than it looks...

Sure he is nice and still now...

Mostly because he was tired!

Thursday, December 8, 2016

These are considerably bigger puppies ;)

Went to visit with the horde of great danes this week. They are getting so big :) We got their weights and the average was 13 lbs. They are a wild bunch now. Learning how to walk up stairs, playing with their mom, and even exploring the great outdoors a little when the weather allows for it.

He is a sweet little guy.

This one is spoken for.

The merle in this picture is one of two females in this litter...she is a sassy little thing!

The one in the back of this picture is the other little girl...she is a real sweetheart!

This is merle boy! One of my favorites :)

Two of my faves!

I can't lie though...I like all of these babies...

Every single one!

Some of these boys are starting to practice their regal good looks!

This is my serious face!