Saturday, January 26, 2019

Moar Puppies and an Announcement from Management :)

Went to see the puppies today. It was time to take the formal eight week evaluation pictures of the litter. We stack them and photograph each pup from 4 angles. They just love it...not really! At first they are all "Yay, treats." After a few tries with wiggles and being resituated they begin to get a wee bit bored and/or peeved. It went pretty well today though. We used the camera's continuous shot feature and it made it easier and quicker to get the acceptable shots that showed Laura what she needed to see. I took some pictures of them playing before the formal photos and the aftermath.

Also I have decided that I am going to start adding some of my non-dog related interests here that way there will be more regular posts hopefully. So that means there may be pictures of artwork and projects, baking and recepies, pictures of the things I plant in my garden and things that I find there, as well as puppies, and of course the curly tails! Not sure if I will change the name of the blog a bit to reflect the broadening of topics...we will see.

Now here are pictures of cute puppies!

This and the following pictures show what happens when you hang a bath towel backdrop for pictures with puppies loose in a room! The towel had a horrifying ordeal...

Sure they look like they could not even savage a towel...but we know the truth!

The cleaning crew has arrived!

Inspecting their cleaning utensils.

I am not sure that is how to clean...

Meanwhile at the other end of the broom...

Puppy pile...

The crew is back for more cleaning!

Still doing it wrong...

I guess that is what we get for hiring a basenji clean up team!

Sunday, January 13, 2019

Starting off 2019 with some puppy shenanigans :)

So there were not a lot of posts this past year... I am not sure how many I will manage in 2019, but I am starting off the year with a post filled with puppy cuteness! After a couple of quiet years there are finally some more baby basenjis to visit and snuggle. Meet the 2018/2019 Grand Finale litter of Sabrina at Laurel Basenjis :)

These little gladiators are just 5 weeks old 

Everyone bellied up to the milk bar for a bit.

Puppy number 5 is underneath that neat top line.

This is Joelson...he has great wrinkles!

This is Miss Nala, she is the only tri and the snuggly one.

This is Darma, she is the tiniest bean in the litter with the biggest attitude!

At the end of a busy visit there are collective puppy comas.