Sunday, September 17, 2017

Fun in the backyard...

So there has been a momentous development here at Casa de Curly Tails! We finally managed to finish the fencing around our back yard. When we moved into this house almost 8 years ago the yard was partially fenced...three sides of the property had fencing. This summer we were finally able to get to that part of the things to do to the house list and add that last bit of fencing.

The dogs at first did not quite know what to do with themselves...but they are getting the idea now that the get to have a bit more freedom when they are out there with us :) I am still too much of a mother hen to ever leave them out there unattended...but that's okay since I enjoy hanging out there watching them or having them out there when I do yard work.

The elusive Watson shrub.

That is the face she makes before she ambushes her brother.

A rare shar pei flower.

The patrol

Meeting of the minds

I have to wonder what they are discussing...

Most handsome!

An even better angle!