Sunday, May 15, 2016

Picture Time: The at the Dog Park with Friends Edition

Today we decided to take advantage of the nice weather and met up with some friends from the Kennel Club at one of our favorite Dog Parks. The Curly Tails had a blast, and I think Watson has a new girlfriend ;)

It was his first meeting of Zoe the Corgi and they really clicked. Zoe is a flirt though so she has another boyfriend or two on the side :D

The cast of characters for today's outing:

The Zoe!

A sweet, and incredibly fun little dog that belongs to a dear friend of ours. We met through one of the classes I taught at the club and Zoe and her human have been my buds ever since.

Indiana Jones!

Also affectionately known as Indy, this beautiful English Setter boy is another puppy I was privileged to have in my puppy classes. He also has awesome owners that I am glad to call my friends.

The Curly Tails!

These two do not need an guys know them well :)

As usual Menchi is running down a Watson!

The festivities...

A meeting of the minds...

Basenji will run!

Sometimes your legs are too short and stubby to save you!
Shar Pei in mid-gallop

He is a majestic beast!
Zoe is a little Tart...she was flirting with Watson a few moments earlier...

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Puppy Up! Madison 2016

So today was the day...time to take a stroll for charity. Time to raise funds to fight cancer. This was a new type of experience for the Curly Tails. They have been to places with lots of people and activity before, they have been to smaller dog events, but they have not attended a big charity dog walk ever.
There was of course initial excitement and jumpiness on their part...but after a bit everyone was calm and taking in the happenings. Both Curly Tails did really well and took it all in stride. While Watson would have liked the weather to be less chilly and blustery, he was a good sport and snuggled with me for more warmth. I took some pictures before the walk began :)

Just waiting for things to begin...
Menchi struts her stuff.
Watson all debonair wearing his red bandana.
Most gorgeous mug ever!
Rocking the bandana!
Another handsome participant of the walk.
One of a set of most handsome bullies.
The other bully of the set.
The gathering crowd.

All dressed up!

Bedlington Terrier

Happy English Setter

K9 officer Boris showing off.

Officer Boris and his human partner.
More fancy dress.
Menchi also rocking the bandana.
A schnauzer with opinions.
One more of the law enforcement duo!