Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Menchi's Lure Coursing Adventure

I got some pictures for you guys of Menchi coursing last Saturday. The pictures were taken by photographer Nick Chase. You can check out his website here.

Ready and rearing to go...she is so focused!
I love this dog!
This is my lure coursing face :D
She makes the silliest faces when running...


Saturday, May 24, 2014

Menchi wants you all to know she is fabulous :)

Ribbons...we got ribbons...
This is mine...
This is also mine!
The lovely queen judges you from her purple throne!
Oh so much cute <3

Watson would like some awards just for being too damn handsome!
One picture is enough, lady!
Enough already!!!
There are many reasons Menchi is fabulous... But one of them is the fact that she went Lure coursing today and got her CA title!

The other thing that makes her fabulous is her awesome purple dog bed...

Of course she is also just naturally born to the state of fabulousness!!!

Watson wants everyone to know that he can barely contain his awesome, so no one else could possibly handle all his awesome should he choose to display it all at once. :P

We got to meet my friend Sizzledog from Iowa and her beautiful Doberman girls Poison and Kaylee. She writes the Prairie Dobe Companion Blog. Along with them was Sizzle's friend Aryn and her dog Rocket who is a handsome hunk of Doberman.

Good times!

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Picture Time: Early Evening Hike

We got out for a nice stroll with Laura this evening after work. The weather was beautiful...the ticks were less so. When we got home we pulled a small army of them off me and the Curly Tails.

What should one call a group of basenjis?
A naughtiness of basenjis...
An annoyance of basenjis on some days...
Mr Darwin just gets more handsome as he grows!
Menchi in the May Apples

Watson leaping and bounding through the May Apples.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

No we have not forgotten you guys out there...

I thought I better give a sign of life here so you all know we are still kicking.

The weather has not been with us for outings much of late. Also we are planning our wedding...the event is taking place this fall so it is starting to eat up some time here and there to get things together.

Some Curly Tails news... We got some new dog beds, and Menchi is in love with her giant purple pillow bed. She looks like a little Shar Pei queen on it. Sabe calls it her throne. I will have to try and get some pictures to post when the lighting is with me.

I tortured both dogs with baths yesterday. They are now soft, clean, and sweet smelling...which of course to them is an affront.

We may get out for a hike with Laura and the basenjis tomorrow evening...if we do it will be picture time.

This weekend we are headed to a CAT so that Menchi can do some lure coursing and finish her CA title. We will also be lucky enough to meet up with some online dog friends while there that are also attending.

The week after that we are taking the dogs to Chicago for the 2nd annual Chazhound Midwest more pictures for you guys out there that are in the Curly Tails fan club.

In June Watson will get to go coursing and finish his JC title.

So there is lots of dog fun coming up! Stay tuned!

Friday, May 2, 2014

...and now for something completely different!

I am not sure I have mentioned it before, but the dog that really turned me into the nutty dog person I am today was my English Cocker Spaniel Darth. It is something like 20 years ago that he came into my life. He was one of the most amazing dogs I have ever known and when I lost him to liver disease it broke my heart. I was not ready for another English Cocker back then...but I think maybe someday in the future there is going to be another English Cocker for me.

When I learned that the English Cocker Nationals were right here in WI this year I decided that if I had the time I would stop in and see some Spaniels.

Today was the last day of Nationals...and I managed to catch the very tail end of the show.

I got to meet some very nice dogs and their owners and handlers. I talked to a lady that did these lovely digital portraits and paints murals for a living. You can see some of her work here.

I took a couple of pictures...apologies for the poor lighting, but I could not use flash so that I did not distract the dogs and their handlers. I hope you get the idea anyway.

Sitting in the ring waiting to be judged...

This guys name was Coyboy...he was very handsome!

Waiting to go in the ring...

In the ring...

Getting ready to go home after several days showing...

I came across this dude waiting the the parking lot :)