Saturday, July 28, 2012

Picture Time

Went to the park today and actually got a couple of pictures of the brigade :)

Friday, July 27, 2012

Why do we do it?

I follow and belong to a couple of online forums. One of them is a Shar Pei specific board where owners, breeders, and even a wonderful veterinarian that has dedicated her life to this breed exchange information and stories.

Sometimes it is sad to read some of these updates. Shar Pei are considered a heart ache breed. Like some other breeds they have suffered for the way they have been bred to bring out specific traits that make them the dogs they are.

I often get the question from other dog owners, my vet, and, even some of the people that know Menchi and love her,  "Why did you get a Shar Pei knowing how heartbreaking it could be?"

It is a good question...why do those of us that have these breeds go and bring these dogs into our homes? Why are we so dedicated to them despite the pain we face when things go wrong. In some of these breeds it is not even a question of will things go wrong...more of a question of when.

We have been pretty fortunate with Menchi so far, but she is also still a young Pei. So far we have only struggled with a bit of skin issues and cutaneous mucinosis. There are far worse things that can happen to a Shar Pei. There is the dreaded Shar Pei Fever, Amyloidosis, Mast Cell tumors, and other types of cancers just to name a few possibilities. None of these things can be tested for by the breeders as of yet.

Why are we prepared to love a dog knowing that there may be such grief in it for us. I mean even with the healthiest of dog breeds we go into it with the knowledge that we will invariably have to say our goodbyes far too soon.

I think the answer is simple...What they offer us in return far outweighs the aches and hurts! I know that Menchi has been one of the most stellar little dogs to grace my life. I will cherish every minute I get to share with her, even the painful ones.

As always love balances everything...and as always it doesn't always make sense to others ;)

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Oh glorious day...

...the other evening it finally got cool enough for us to take a trip to the dog park. Not a moment too soon since the basenji was in danger of either loosing his little mind due to boredom or his life due to his inventive ways to try and aleviate that boredom!

It has been so hot that it has simply not been fit for man or beast to spend any extended period of time outdoors, much less engage in activities out there.

This week has been a little when it is cool enough in the evenings at least we can head out and get some activity time in.

We met some fabulous little dogs at the dog park this week too. There is a pair of Tibetan Terriers that are regulars. These two are just a goregous and fun pair. They are black and white and look like they are wearing little tuxedos. They are both sweet as sugar. I have not had the pleasure or opportunity to see TTs up close and personal before... I am glad I got this chance! Really great little dogs!

Our Tibetan Mastiff friends were also present for their evening stroll. I think these guys come to the park almost every day.

Maybe we will head out there again tonight...and maybe I will be moved to bring the camera ;)

Sunday, July 8, 2012

I am the enemy!

Menchi's skin is clearing up nicely with the antibiotics. However, she still needed a bath today. She is so not a fan of this current weekly bath regime.

She sits in the tub and looks like a sad panda once she is soaped up and has to wait for the shampoo to work it's magic. It makes me feel like I am a torturer and this is Shar Pei water torture.

After her bath she shuns me for at least 30 minutes unless I have food in my hand for her. I am a wicked, evil bath demon...and therefore to be avoided!

The whole this is for your own good and it will make you better excuse leaves little impression on the Shar Pei goddess.

Watson also runs from me when I exit the bathroom after Menchi's dousing. He makes cunning Basenji evasive maneuvers...even though I am not even trying to catch him for a bath >.<

I currently feel like public enemy number one here!