Tuesday, March 21, 2017

We are doing it again!

The Curly Tails are taking part in Puppy Up 2017!

This year the walk is happening on Sunday, May 7th. We had to do a little strategic planning because our kennel club's yearly dog show is the same weekend and we usually do some volunteering for that every year as well.

So our Friday will be spent at the dog show and Sunday belongs to Puppy Up :)

Sadly this year we will be walking for a few of our very good dog friends.

We will be walking for beautiful Jubilee the great dane, who is currently facing the possibility of osteosarcoma. We are still hoping for a more positive diagnosis, but even the thought of potential cancer is a saddening and scary.

We will be walking for Pip. Who is a sweet and jolly boy and likes to keep his owner company on her camping adventures.

We will be walking for Sadie the Lab. Who spend her life making life easier for someone by being a service dog. She came to retire with the person who raised her as a puppy when she was diagnosed with cancer.

Please help us support these dogs. Donate if you can. If you live in the area and would like to walk with us you can join Team Curly Tails. We would love your company!

Here is my personal donation page:


Here is the Curly Tails Team page:


Thanks in advance for supporting us!

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Shaking off cabin fever...

The weather has been very back and forth the last month. Every time I want to get the curly tails out to let them get over their winter crazies it turned unfriendly enough to keep us inside after all.

Today though we refused to be deterred. Instead we went to check out the new dog park that has been installed in our neighborhood. Guys...this park is tiny. Just large enough for the dynamic duo to have a little romp and play...but I would not go there if there were a bunch of other dogs there. Not enough space to avoid potential trouble there (unlike in our favorite parks in the area where there is lots of walking space). It's not too bad for a mellow outing with just the curly tails or the duo and one of their good friends like Indy or Zoe.

I got a few pictures to try out a new lens that the husband got for me as a present :)

There was a lot of this happening...

She is coming to get meeeeeee...

Snuggly Watson... Basenjis have a spine made of rubber!