Saturday, June 30, 2012

The Curly-Tails would like some rescue please...

Today they were horribly abused and are seeking an owner that will not douse them with water and soaps for "their own good". :D

Of course as usual the picture of the boy is slightly out of focus...he never stops moving and is difficult to get photographs of.

Menchi had a vet visit yesterday and was handed the dx of having a staph skin infection and some antibiotics for the next two weeks...that was one reason for the bath to soak her in some nice antibacterial shampoo. She is also going through a spectacular moult. Shar pei seem to do nothing half way...not even blowing their coats >.<

Watson is offended that he also had to suffer bath time, but hey, if the bathroom is going to be a mess I am going to make it worth my while!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Picture time

 Look deep into my want to feed me all the treats!

 Get my good side!

 I are pretty!

 Okay I am done with the pictures!


 No pictures!

What did I say? Go away...sleeping!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Curly Tail Adventures

Today the Curly Tails and us headed out on a hike with Watson's breeder and one of her basenji's. We get to do this every so often since she lives close by :)

We explored the Wisconsin countryside for about 3 hours. We had a few adventures along the way...

First let me say there were insects galore out and about...we all have a few mosquito  and fly bites to show for our fun.

First the dogs managed to flush a wild turkey

They were pretty sure they were about to score the biggest chicken any of them had ever seen...but the turkey made it to a stand of trees and was safe.

As we ventured on we made friends with a little smooth green snake

The little guy was hanging out and I managed to pick him up so we could get a closer look at him. The dogs never even noticed him :)

By the end of our hike the dogs were nice an tired... Menchi had been ready to be done for about thirty minutes by the time we got back to the car...she kept stopping and looking at us as if to say "Are we done now?"

Even the basenji's were more than happy to climb back into the air conditioned cars.

The rest of the day the curly tails have spent in happiness and exercise induced coma...

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Today is a very important day...

Today is the day Ms Menchi came into the world.

One year ago today her mama Presto gave birth to three beautiful little jellybeans.

Menchi and her sister Annabel with whom we exchange regular emails :)

Menchi when we first brought her home

Menchi as we know and love her today :)

Happy Birthday to my Baby Girl!!!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

What I did with my day off this week...

I once again left my poor curly tails home alone today...

...but it was for a good cause!

I am part of a couple of different online forums. One of them is a basenji breed related forum. One of the little dogs there was in trouble and needed help getting to a new home. So along with another member I got to be his chauffeur through the wilds of WI and into IL and IN where he was safely placed with his new owner whom he traveled the rest of the way to his new home in MI with :)

Meet Diesel... a gorgeous, one year old basenji! He was a wonderful traveler and is a sweet little soul.

Wish him good luck in his new home!

Bewildered curly tails...

So last weekend was the first time ever that the kids were left without both Sabe and I. We were out of state attending a wedding.

I had arranged for an in-home pet-sitter. We have a friend that was kind enough (and brave enough) to come stay with the brigade. Arrangements were made with the vet in case of emergency and treats were stocked :)

Even though they were a little confused, and were looking for us out the window a lot the first day we left (the pet-sitter let us know this) they seem to have weathered the experience just fine.

The home-coming was an outburst of joy from both of them. I am used to Menchi going crazy with happy when even one of us returns after an outing without her...but even Watson was doing a basenji happy dance :D It is nice to know we were missed.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The best laid plans...

So I was really looking forward to last weekend. I was going to take the dogs on the two hour trip toward the Illinois border to head to the all breed lure coursing club and the BCOSW fundraiser that was being held there on Saturday.

Watson was going to do what he loves his heart out. Menchi was going to get her first try at chasing a lure.

Somewhere the universe chuckled kindly and said "look she is droll"!

Thursday evening I remark to Sabe "Hmmm, I seem to have a bit of a sore throat. I should get ahead of this. I am taking some Nyquil and going to bed."

Friday morning at the butt-crack of dawn...two hungry dogs attempt to make me rise so breakfast can happen. My throat was on fire and that was after something had stomped on it, clawed it, and submerged it in acid just to be sure. Swallowing was impossible and talking pure torture.

The zombie lifts it's very heavy head and pokes a claw at Sabe "Croak, groan, mumble, mumble." Which seems to have translated to "Can you please get up and feed the dogs...I am too sick to move." Because, like the saint he is my boy friend got up and took care of the canine and feline needs of the household.

When consciousness intruded again on my fevered delirium a couple of hours later it became clear that work was not going to happen that day and I dragged myself to the phone to let my boss know.

The incoherent thought process happening was something like "Well it is only Friday if I stay mellow I might still make it to lure coursing with the dogs tomorrow." Are you laughing yet? Someone sure was...not me though. I was dead for the rest of that day.

I was in capable paws though... Dr. Watson was applying basenji body heat directly to me at all times as we slept the day away. Menchi was using an ancient Chinese secret involving dog drool and shar pei cuddles. I am sure it is a great cure in Eastern Medicine, right up there with dried Tiger penis and powdered Rhino parts.

Alas it was not to be though...even with all their curative canine powers combined I was still laid out on Saturday and most of Sunday!

No Lure Coursing Event for us...