Saturday, April 23, 2016

Puppy Up! 2016

At the last Kennel Club meeting we had a couple of very special speakers visit with us. One was a Canine Oncologist and the other was a very nice lady that had lost two of her dogs to cancer within just a year of one another.

The reason they came to speak to us was not only to educate us about cancer in dogs, but also to talk about the Puppy Up! organization and more specifically about the annual fundraising walk they hold here in Madison.

Puppy Up! raises money for canine cancer research. Canine cancer research also provides information and knowledge for human cancer research and treatment. It is a great cause!

Because I know many dog people...some in real life and some only via the internet... I also know some that have either lost their dogs to the big C and a few that are struggling with it as I speak.

I then looked at my Curly Tails and thought about what I would feel like to have to battle through this horrific disease with one of them...

From that thought it did not take long to make me rush to the Puppy Up website and register to walk! Sabe being a wonderfully supportive husband will be walking with us as well.

I am hoping that those of you that are able to will support us by donating to this important cause...

You can find my personal donation page here...

I guess I should also add a photo of the two main reasons that I am going to be doing this walk :)


Pretty Boy

Sunday, April 3, 2016

It's been a while...

So I figure I owe you guys some puppy pictures :)

No worries about the long pause... life gets busy around here. I also managed to catch one horrible cold after another for a while there. The Curly Tails were excellent nursemaid dogs.

Some of the pictures for this entry were taken by one of my friends from the Kennel Club, who accompanied me for a puppy visit a few weeks ago.

Little girl is all tuckered out...
I don't even know what is happening there...

Is the sweet giving you cavities yet?
If you are not in a cute coma from the is some bonus handsome for you!