Monday, May 18, 2015

An update on the state of affairs...

So the last time I wrote Menchi was experiencing some trials and tribulations. I am sad to say the ordeals are not over yet. We had another trip to the vet at the end of last week. The poor girly has an infection... in sad, unmentionable places. Inflamed anal glands are no fun!

We are thinking that there are some seasonal allergies behind this one, especially since she also had a recent ear infection. So battle plans are being made on how to best keep the allergy beast at bay in the future while we treat this current inconvenience.

Along with all of that she is having a good moult and of course having a bout of mucinosis because of the infection. She looks like a little, plucked chicken in some areas.

At least she seems to well on the road to recovery from her recent back issues. As far as that goes she is back to her bouncy self so much that we have to at time slow her down before she injures herself all over again.

We had gotten some new lure coursing leads for the dogs, since before Miss Menchi got sick we were supposed to head to a trial in Iowa. The pieces arrived and are just stunning. I ordered them from Sexy Beast Dog Collars. I received stellar service and as I said the products are amazing.

At the vet... Dr Jody took this picture...there were treats involved.

The new bling...I do not think the mere picture does them justice!

The other creature that lives in our house...

Upside down...