Saturday, August 5, 2017

Basenji Club Picnic 2017

Today was a pretty much perfect day for a picnic. It was sunny but not to hot to be out. So it was a good timing that the BCOSW picnic was today :)

As usual there was great food, good company, lots of adorable basenjis, and of course lure coursing!

There was also a club meeting...and some new club members. More importantly there is a new BCOSW website! It's pretty nice. You can check it out here.

I did not take too many photos at the picnic today...too busy eating, hanging out, and running the dogs ;) I did get a few though.

The honorary basenji 

Majestic mug

Luke and his Mama Ellie. You may remember Luke as Tocin from an earlier post.

Luke watching some coursing and waiting his turn.

This is Alden and his owner Alex. They were so cute together I snapped a few pics.

So cute!

Watson had some opinions!

That face...

He's cuter when he keeps his opinions to himself.

Alex and Alden again.

Lisa with Luke and Ellie