Friday, May 31, 2013

Picture Time: More dog park escapades :)

Took the Curly Tails for an outing on Monday. The park was rather quiet when we went. It was also pretty humid with the heaviness in the air promising storms to come. We ended up not staying too long, but on the way home we went by the pet store for cat food...and everyone there fawned over the Curly Tails :) Pettings, praises, treats, and admiring comments were heaped on their little heads!

This little guy was the only dog we met at the park that day!

Watson checking on Menchi, who was flopping down in the grass...

So pretty!

...and another side.

...and another angle.

I think she is watching her brother...


Almost always on the move...

When you're handsome and you know it...

Friday, May 24, 2013

Picture Time: The "We found yet another dog park" Edition

So last week my friend Shari showed me another one of the dog parks that dot Dane County.

I decided that today was the day to go and try it out with the Curly Tails. They loved this one...even though there were not as many dogs to play with as there usually are at the park we regularly go to. I think they liked the fact that this one had lots of trees.

So thank you Shari you made the Curly Tails very happy!

Menchi was rolling in the grass with happy!

Hey, mom, I think she may be possessed...

You feeling all right there?

Jogging Shar Pei and statuary Basenji

In the tall grass


Trees, and grass, and a river, oh my!

Checking out the water

Fearless Explorers

More exploration

Break Time

Where is he?

Cool grass on a warm day is your friend.


Shar Pei with scenery.

There is something in the tall grass...

Look I are a handsome boy!

Nope not getting in the wet stuff!!!

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Picture Time: Squinty Face Edition

I have a pair of beautiful dogs ;)  I love showing them off...

I mean just look at these faces...

I needs me a pair of shades...

I am going to close my eyes and make you go away...

Here are the most normal shots I managed today...



The basenji is focused...