Wednesday, November 28, 2012

We have returned...

We are back to our regularly scheduled lives after spending Thanksgiving with Sabe's family.

The Curly Tails had a good time... there are lots of bunnies around the yard of Sabe's family home :) They also love his younger brother Steve, who is a sucker for a cute doggy face.

Watson had a few games of "get the dog" with Sabe's dad as well. That silly dog just loves to be chased. He was a good boy mostly ;) He had an obsession with the dishwasher and tried to be very helpful when people were loading the dirty dishes.

Menchi as always was a sweetheart...everyone loves the squishy dog :D

Both the dogs did awesomely while traveling...they are becoming quite the accomplished little road warriors.

Next trip will be home to Iowa for Christmas with my family...

Also I should have gotten some pictures...I suck!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Holidays with the Curly Tails

...and so the Holiday Season begins.

Tomorrow we pack up Menchi and Watson and head to St. Louis for Thanksgiving with Sabe's family.

On the way Watson will sing us the songs of his people and Menchi will show that she can perform whale songs when she gets bored. They would rather not be in their crates for the ride is what they are saying. Safety comes first for little dogs on long trips!

Once we get there they will be released to wreak havoc upon a normally quiet that is usually basenji free and peaceful. The busybody will make sure that he makes up for those basenjiless times ;)

So Happy Turkey Day too all of you out there...we will see you after the basenji apocalypse is over.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Safari in our office...

So last night I am in the kitchen working on dinner...

Sabe calls out from the office...since I did not quite hear what he said I wander into the living room and he meets me out there with the news that Watson has found a mouse.

The boy had indeed located a mouse and flushed it out of hiding...but he had not gotten a hold of it. He was still looking for it in one corner when it had already went to hide in another.

In order to try and prevent a wild hunt I went on mouse safari. It took a few tries, but I was able to capture the beastie. I evicted it from the premises only to be told by a friend later that this likely means it will try to find its way back. *sigh* So yes, feel free to giggle at me...

Maybe next time I will put the mouse in the ring with the basenji instead...and if that fails the cat will be happy to do her job.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

And sometimes...he is just a jerk...


I love my dogs... I adore Watson. The way you can see him thinking. How clever he is. How sweet he can be...

Sometimes though my sweet boy is replaced by this cranky, controlling jerkface...

His latest offence was actually while we were volunteering at the dog fair last weekend :(  He has always been good with crowds and people...but last Sunday he got to a point when he decided he was done and turned into snark monster. I am not sure why, but he ended up spending the rest of the day sleeping in his crate.

He did seem a bit stressy that morning...but he usually handles stress well. Maybe it was still a blowback to being sick the week before and coming back to his normal self after a course of antibiotics.

Had he still shown signs of feeling unwell I would have never brought him... Had he ever shown signs of not enjoying these events I would not have brought him...but we have done this before and he always loved all the attention.

Maybe I am just a horrible owner and this is somehow my fault?