Sunday, August 21, 2016

Finally a day that was less than blazingly hot...

These last few weeks have been hot and humid. I do not do well in too much heat, so we have been hiding in the cool safety of the air-conditioning :)

This weekend luck was with us though and the heat and humidity broke and gave us a couple of days with 70 degree weather. So I packed the dogs off to the park for a good romp today.

Here are the resulting pictures...
Best girl!

Fast dog is fast!
Fast dog would also like you to know that he is handsome!
So very, very...
...very handsome!

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Basenji Club Picnic 2016

Last week was the annual picnic for our local Basenji Club. We got together with the dogs and had good food and lure coursing.

Menchi comes along every year now she is an honorary basenji! She certainly is most excited when she hears the lure going. She was so crazy before she got her first run she managed to pull me right of my feet at one point. I actually ended up face-planting in the dirt O.O

I forgave her once I got my breath back and she got to go on her run...after she was much more relaxed and easier to get along with.

I got more photos of the Watson for once and only one of the little Miss.

After her run she was a much calmer dog...
Watson making sure that I get his good side.
Behold my handsome!
He spend a lot of time watching all the things going on.