Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Picture Time: Basenji Puppy Visit Edition

I went to visit the puppies on Monday...they are in the landshark stage currently. Everything is met by their teeth first and nothing is sacred. Maybe I should wear one of those chainmail shark suits to visit them next time...

Elsa was sleepy... but only after she punctured a few holes in us.

Being a landshark is hard and tiring work.

Franklin cutely murdering a toy.

Like I said landsharks...

Such innocence... too bad it's all a big lie!

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Picture Time: A few more of our houseguest from last weekend

I finally got around to uploading a couple of pictures I took of Oli the puppy before I took him to travel to his new home on Monday.

By Monday morning he was ready to play with Menchi
Watson he still was not too sure about...

Oh, the kills!

Hai... I am a puppy!

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Picture Time: The House-guest Edition

The Curly Tails have a little overnight house-guest. I am helping transport a puppy from a rescue in Indiana to his new home here in Wisconsin.

He is staying with us tonight and I am delivering him to his new owner tomorrow afternoon. There was much excitement and confusion when he first arrived. The Curly Tails occasionally encounter a puppy or two in the dog park outings or go hiking with basenji pups, but never has one been inside their home! Menchi seems to like him, but is still a little unsure of what exactly she should do about him. Watson is curious, but must be carefully supervised since he is sometimes a bully with smaller dogs.

Oli the puppy meanwhile seems interested in the Queen of Peidom and has given her a few licks on her fluffy muzzle. He is not so sure about the basenji dude, however.

He is an absolutely terrific and sweet little guy. I got a couple of pictures of him hanging out with Sabe. My camera was not fond of the lighting, but consented at last to give me these.

He is adorable<3

A closeup of the cute!

Monday, January 5, 2015

Finally...Picture Time: Pupdate Edition.

At long last after a trip to the camera store my DSLR is once again functional and better than ever! It turns out that my lens was on it's way out. It was the lens that originally came with the camera when the husband got it for me used...and I have little doubt that it was the lens sold with the original camera kit.

So the husband was kind enough to get me a new, shiny, and much better lens :)

I promptly brought the new toy to the next visit to this year's basenji babies. We have four wee ones to socialize this year. Two red and whites (boy and girl) and two tris (also boy and girl)...Mom Sabrina planned her litter carefully ;)

They just got their names over the last couple of weeks: We have Franklin, Elsa, Irma, and Abbott.


Elsa is having a snack...

I believe this one is Irma...

Shoes are the enemy!
Family dinner...
Elsa and Franklin
Puppies like to poke around in the most awkward places...

That shoe has no chance...

Franklin says "Goodnight all!"

The end...