Sunday, October 26, 2014

Picture Time: The Hiking with Mitzie and Lettie Edition

This weekend we were blessed with some glorious fall weather. We decided to take advantage of this and headed out with Laura for some hiking. Miss Mitzie and Miss Lettie who are looking all grown up these days accompanied the Curly Tails on the adventure.

Lettie showing off her best smile <3

You haz treats?

That's right...I am fabulous!
Watson playing with one of the girls...

Tongue :p

Mitzie smiling for the camera...she did some serious winning at the Basenji Nationals recently!

The girls...they are hard to tell apart unless you know them :)
This is Miss Mitzie...her blaze is a little broader than Miss Letties

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Picture Time: The it's been a while Edition

Finally this weekend we managed to get out there with the Curly Tails and the camera and hit some trails. Sabe found us a new dog park to try out. So we went today and explored the Prairie Moraine Off Leash area near Verona, WI. It was a great time...the park is large and has lovely vegetation and various trails to follow.

The Curly Tails hit the trail...

A break after a wild chase...

This blade of grass was very interesting.

Coming at me up a hill...

This tree was also very interesting...