Sunday, January 11, 2015

Picture Time: The House-guest Edition

The Curly Tails have a little overnight house-guest. I am helping transport a puppy from a rescue in Indiana to his new home here in Wisconsin.

He is staying with us tonight and I am delivering him to his new owner tomorrow afternoon. There was much excitement and confusion when he first arrived. The Curly Tails occasionally encounter a puppy or two in the dog park outings or go hiking with basenji pups, but never has one been inside their home! Menchi seems to like him, but is still a little unsure of what exactly she should do about him. Watson is curious, but must be carefully supervised since he is sometimes a bully with smaller dogs.

Oli the puppy meanwhile seems interested in the Queen of Peidom and has given her a few licks on her fluffy muzzle. He is not so sure about the basenji dude, however.

He is an absolutely terrific and sweet little guy. I got a couple of pictures of him hanging out with Sabe. My camera was not fond of the lighting, but consented at last to give me these.

He is adorable<3

A closeup of the cute!

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