Friday, December 28, 2012

A very Curly Tailed Christmas...

For our Christmas Holiday Sabe, the Curly Tails, and myself traveled to Iowa to see my family and friends.

I have to say the dynamic duo are quite the seasoned little travelers by now. They are getting pretty good at mellowing out for a long drive in their crates. We stayed at a hotel and they were stellar guests.

They loved the king sized bed...

They attended the Christmas festivities at my mom's on Christmas eve and the next day at my aunt's for Christmas. They met my mom's little rat terrier was all good other than a little scuffle over a toy between Fritz and Watson. 

In my usual scatter brained packing mode I forgot to bring a camera for pictorial evidence of the awesomeness of Menchi and Watson on vacation in Iowa. *sigh*

There was a little mishap when Menchi managed to tear one of her nails off her back paw when we first arrived at the hotel. With her usual stoic acceptance she never even made a was the fact that she suddenly left little bloody paw prints that alerted us to the fact that not all was normal. Surprisingly it was not the blood-bath I thought that something like that would be. I have kept a close eye on her and the new nail has started growing out and no infection occurred.

Neither Watson nor Menchi seem to have a love for snow. Both of them seem to be of the opinion that the cold white powder is to be mostly avoided. They hate wading out into it and as soon as it gets past a certain depth they will head for the warmth of home at warp speeds. I have not tried to take them to the park since it snowed to see how that would go... Perhaps that is an experiment to perform in the coming week.

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