Thursday, September 19, 2013

New adventure...

So I was lucky and won a free beginners agility class from our local kennel club :)

I decided that Watson should test the agility waters with me, and last night was our first class session.

It has been a while for us as far as taking a class goes, but Watson dove right in with gusto. He was excited by the new place and very interested. Once he realized we were there to learn things he was pretty delighted. He was a little distracted which is not surprising in a new place surrounded by dogs he didn't know, but he was game to try out each exercise, even the one where he was expected to walk up a narrow plank.

The tunnel became pure fun after the first try :) I think he could really enjoy this sport.

The instructor likes to use cheese balls as a reward (you know like cheetos, but round)...Watson was dubious about the first one she offered. As we all know though these cheese powdered bits of puffed goodness are addicting, so he was totally on board for more of them by cheese ball number two. ;)

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