Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Menchi's Month of Yuck!

April has not been a good month for the little Pei Goddess.

First there was an ear infection...something that reared it's ugly head last year around exactly this time as well. So we are considering the possibility of seasonal allergies.

Then there were tummy troubles. Which of course meant a vet visit, a shot, fluids because she was a little dehydrated from vomiting, and 24 hours of fasting before starting back on bland foods.

Then the very next day after that vet visit she found herself at the emergency vet. At first we thought she had taken a turn for the worse with her stomach trouble, but as it turned out what laid her low was something separate and different from the initial illness. She somehow between one vet visit and me returning home from work the next day managed to hurt herself seriously enough to be immobile with the pain. The pain as far as an exam revealed at the vet was somewhere in her back and bad enough to cause her to limp and shiver. X-rays were taken and showed a beautiful set of hips and a normal spine... the surgeon was consulted and said the X-rays were clean. Menchi went home doped up on morphine and with a script of pain medication.

She is convalescing now. She is better today...eating, moving (sometimes a little gingerly), and taking more of an interest in things. She is taking pain medication and is under orders to rest.

We had entered a Lure Coursing Trial and CAT this upcoming weekend...but that is now a no go! The Shar Pei is broken until further notice.

The diagnosis for the moment is soft tissue injury somewhere along her lower back... if she should take a turn for the worse or stop improving we return to the vet yet again.

Send the poor girly some well wishes...she could really use them :) This whole thing was pretty scary for all of us. The specter of Shar Pei Fever was mentioned and considered...but she never had a fever or any swelling of her joints, which is a pretty typical symptom of that particular syndrome.

I leave you guys with this...

This Shar Pei is not amused!

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