Thursday, December 8, 2016

These are considerably bigger puppies ;)

Went to visit with the horde of great danes this week. They are getting so big :) We got their weights and the average was 13 lbs. They are a wild bunch now. Learning how to walk up stairs, playing with their mom, and even exploring the great outdoors a little when the weather allows for it.

He is a sweet little guy.

This one is spoken for.

The merle in this picture is one of two females in this litter...she is a sassy little thing!

The one in the back of this picture is the other little girl...she is a real sweetheart!

This is merle boy! One of my favorites :)

Two of my faves!

I can't lie though...I like all of these babies...

Every single one!

Some of these boys are starting to practice their regal good looks!

This is my serious face!

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